Anastasia Alexandrin – Charcoal Drawings

Anastasia Alexandrin Drawings 1

Anastasia Alexandrin was born in Krakow, Ukraine. Her family moved to Philadelphia when she was 5. Upon arriving in the U.S., Anastasia enrolled in the Barnstone Studios in Coplay, Pennsylvania where she learned the fundamentals of drawing and design. She is a graduate of the Pennsylvania of Fine Art. Her experience culminated in her first show when she was only seventeen years old. Since then, Anastasia has participated in over fifteen exhibitions. Anastasia loves beautiful things in life and wants to bring as much of it into her art. Her works are inspired by Art Nouveau style motifs and patterns. That is why her work is deeply emotional with so much feeling in it.

Anastasia Alexandrin Drawings 2

Anastasia Alexandrin Drawings 3

Anastasia Alexandrin Drawings 4

Anastasia Alexandrin Drawings 5

Anastasia Alexandrin Drawings 6

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