Anna Masters – Time is Now

anna masters - spacesbetween

Anna Masters is a mixed media artist, creating wall-based works and site-specific installations. “Time and transience are themes that recur throughout my portfolio. The works toy with the idea of capturing a perfect, inexplicable moment, but are betrayed by the materials used to create them. Working primarily with organic materials and found objects, the meaning or symbolism of the materials is lost or altered by the very passing of time that the works seem to seek to suspend. Our cultural resistance to time and change, and the paradox of its inevitability fascinate me; my works seek to portray this dichotomy.” Time is Now is made using discarded clock and watch parts, Anna investigates the idea of time and change. (via lustik)

anna masters - diamondsandgoldcrop anna masters - whisper anna masters - staticrevolution anna masters - ringsofsaturn anna masters - dusttodust anna masters - dreamsanddelusions anna masters - falter anna masters - symbol

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