Bec Brittain – Luminous Geometry

Bec Brittain - a Maxhedron design

Bec Brittain is a lighting designer based in Brooklyn, NY. Her stunning series of lighting designs are like light installations or illuminated jewelry that possess a calm, sophisticated elegance and balanced geometry. With an educational background in philosophy, architecture and product design, Bec’s design process combines her unique approach to light. In a very artistic and sculptural way, she incorporated transparency and reflections in these pieces. For example, Maxhedron series is a study in material transformation through light and reflection. When Maxhedron is turned off, its mirrored surface gives it a mercurial quality, reflecting its surroundings. The second phase of transformation occurs when Maxhedron is turned on – the surface becomes translucent, and the lights become a constellation of points. Brittain’s designs are usually modular made of materials such as bronze, hand-blown glass, marble and LED lights. The modular hardware can be reconfigured in myriad of different ways, taking new shapes according to what the space demands.

Bec Brittain - Echo Bec Brittain - Maxhedron detail Bec Brittain - Maxhedron in the bathroom Bec Brittain - Maxhedron Lighting Bec Brittain - Shy detail Bec Brittain - Shy hanging lighting Bec Brittain - Shy Lighting Bec Brittain - Shy Poly Bec Brittain - Shy

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