Benjamin Antony Monn – Architecture

Benjamin Antony Monn - a building on the water

Benjamin Antony Monn is a photographer born in 1978 in Munich, Germany. When he was 22 years old he visited a modern art museum, designed by Stephan Braunfels, in his hometown. He was interested in forms and shapes, and began shooting professionally focusing on architecture and interiors. Benjamin does not follow the established aims of the genre – identification and documentation of buildings. He rather works on a new definition of architectural photography with his innovative ways of shooting. The photographer uses various techniques of Constructivism and futuristic montages to expose structures, surfaces, and colours through his extreme cropping. Monn choses a certain construction detail of one building and photographs it from a very uncommon angle of view. Combining fragments of different buildings, he also creates photographic collages. Benjamin’s photographs break up with every established idea about buildings and architecture.

Benjamin Antony Monn - building abstract Benjamin Antony Monn - building Benjamin Antony Monn - candela circle Benjamin Antony Monn - candela green and red Benjamin Antony Monn - candela purple Benjamin Antony Monn - candela red Benjamin Antony Monn - ceiling blue Benjamin Antony Monn - ceiling glass Benjamin Antony Monn - ceiling sky Benjamin Antony Monn - symmetrie white stairs Benjamin Antony Monn - symmetrie

One thought on “Benjamin Antony Monn – Architecture

  1. These photographs bring out the aesthetics of these shapes that can never be compared to any other because they are unique in their own special way

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