Constance Swaniker: Sculptures

Constance Swankier - a colorful horn

Constance Swaniker is an artist born in 1973 in Accra, Ghana. She obtained basic and secondary education in Botswana, Zimbabwe, The Gambia and Ghana. This diversity has strongly influenced her outlook on art and life. Constance has done a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Sculpture at the KNUST College of Art in Kumasi. She creates inspiring human figures with colourful wings of butterfly and animals with exquisitely carved horns. The artist tries to leave a positive mark on society and inspire the youth to live with their own dreams.

Constance Swankier - angel from above Constance Swankier - angel Constance Swankier - fish Constance Swankier - glasses Constance Swankier - horns Constance Swankier - man Constance Swankier - shoes Constance Swankier - skeleton

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