Daniele Papuli – Delicate Paper Installations

Daniele Papuli - art installation

Italian artist Daniele Papuli makes sculptures and installations with different types of paper. He has been working with paper since 1993 when he first became entranced by its fragility and utility. Daniele turns his favorite medium into a rippling maze so that his structures and compositions possess a fabric-like quality that look very soft and fascinating.

Daniele Papuli - cartoframma Daniele Papuli - casa dugnani gallery installation Daniele Papuli - casa dugnani installation Daniele Papuli - casa dugnani Daniele Papuli - installation art Daniele Papuli - panta rei installation Daniele Papuli - Panta Rei Daniele Papuli - Pual Blu Daniele Papuli - UFF installation

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