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Daryl Feril - art

Daryl Feril is a young freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in the Philippines. He graduated from La Consolacion College Bacolod with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts major in Advertising Arts in 2012. He works with traditional and digital mediums and his process usually begins with pencil, graphite and watercolour drawings which he then transforms into digital artwork. He took the freelance plunge armed with a few experience from his part-time jobs. Daryl’s illustrations are very beautiful, enriched with a mix of rough hand-drawn flora & fauna sketches, flowing lines, watercolours and digital techniques. The artist loves drawing nature, typography, beautiful girls and fashion-inspired themes.

Daryl Feril - beautiful girl Daryl Feril - camouflage Daryl Feril - deathhandher Daryl Feril - elephant Daryl Feril - Farewell May Daryl Feril - portrait Daryl Feril - tail


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