Dustin Yellin – Caves

Dustin Yellin the-orientalist_no1

Dustin Yellin is a contemporary artist currently based in Brooklyn, New York. He uses multiple layers of glass, each covered in detailed imagery, to create a single intricate, three-dimensional collage. His work is notable both for its massive scale and its colorful themes. Dustin is the founder of Pioneer Works, a non-profit organization that fosters creativity in the arts and sciences.

Dustin Yellin aishas-meadow-cave Dustin Yellin a-fig-for-a-seal-of-fire Dustin Yellin zulu-cave_no2 Dustin Yellin zulu-cave_no1 Dustin Yellin untitled-cave_no1 Dustin Yellin untitled-cave_58 Dustin Yellin etruscan-cave_no1 Dustin Yellin crystal-cave_no2 Dustin Yellin bobo-sea-cave_no1

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