Eleni Karolkoti – Geometrical, Clean and Minimalistic

Eleni Kalorkoti - art

Eleni Karolkoti is a freelance illustrator from Edinburgh, Scotland. She graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2007. Eleni’s work features shapes that are extremely geometrical, clean and minimalistic. She gets ideas or a starting point for an illustration from thinking about something she has read, or films she has seen, or a time and place she has never been to, and making connections between them.

Eleni Kalorkoti - girl illustration Eleni Kalorkoti - graphic design Eleni Kalorkoti - illustration Eleni Kalorkoti - July Zine Eleni Kalorkoti - material use Eleni Kalorkoti - may 5 Eleni Kalorkoti - october zine black and white Eleni Kalorkoti - october zine illustration Eleni Kalorkoti - october zine

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