Environmental Sculptures by Martin Hill

Martin Hill - Burning-Issues

Martin Hill is a London-based environmental artist, since 1992 he has focused on making environmental sculptures. “Nature is sustainable by design. Fuelled by sunlight everything is recycled: all waste becomes food for something else. In the new circular economy businesses and social systems are designed with principles learned from natural systems. Innovations using what is available locally run on renewable energy in cooperative relationships with one another, these cyclical systems eliminate waste and deliver multiple benefits and jobs. They out compete existing harmful models making them obsolete.What has art got to do with this? Changing to a new model of progress that does not destroy the living world on which life relies, requires us to use a new way of thinking. I believe art can help trigger this change and inspire us to look at problems as opportunities for innovation from which multiple beneficial outcomes increase wellbeing for all.”

Martin Hill - We-Walk-on-Water Martin Hill - Rain-Forest-Guardian Martin Hill - Cold-Facts-On-Bottled-Water Martin Hill - Interconnected Martin Hill - Alpine-Ice-Cycle Martin Hill - Circle-Of-Circles Martin Hill - Autumn-Leafs Martin Hill - Autumn-Leafs Circle

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