Fanny Burgos: Makeup Artist

Fanny Burgos Makeup 1

Fanny Burgos is a freelance makeup artist, hairdresser, professional in SFX prosthetics and body painting. She is based in London, United Kingdom.  For over six years Fanny was doing fashion catalogues, catwalks, photo-shoots, editorials and some other events in Madrid, Spain; in addition, she participated doing the make-up of the two main actors of the Goya National Film Awards. Her work has been published in international magazines such as Interview, Vogue It, Vanidad, Neo2, Calista Professional etc. These portraits are the best proof of her truly amazing talents.

Fanny Burgos Makeup 2

Fanny Burgos Makeup 3

Fanny Burgos Makeup 4

Fanny Burgos Makeup 5

Fanny Burgos Makeup 6

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