Fay Huo – Playing with Monsters

Fay Huo - a puppet factory

Fay Huo creates pensive and uncanny drawings with her wildest imagination and wonderful skills. She is a Chinese illustrator currently based in London. Her professional practice mostly focuses on fantasy illustrations, fashion, and pattern design. Fay tries to draw from a tiny blur images or subtle sentences she finds in her daily life. Inspired by philosophy and her childhood memories the artist attempts to visualise the mysterious, weird and ethereal stories. She enjoys being an observer in nature, daily life, people and books, finding something unusual and unique in them. The characters are often enigmatic and a little disturbing. “Human beings can be scary, monsters can be friendly, just play with them,” she says.

Fay Huo - bird lover Fay Huo - close to distance Fay Huo - fairy factory Fay Huo - fear Fay Huo - floating Fay Huo - meditation Fay Huo - prop factory Fay Huo - smoke and rock Fay Huo - ticket to fairy factory


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