Francesco Ardini – Chaotic Ceramics

Francesco Ardini - a blue bubbles ceramic

Francesco Ardini is a self-taught ceramic designer born in 1986 in Padua, Italy. He studied Architecture of Landscape in Iuav University of Venice. Francesco discovered ceramics during his years of study at university. While creating visually stunning pieces, he follows many different fields: architecture, technology, graphics, design, fashion and art. But he tries not to get attached to anything particular. Decay, cracks, the obvious dissolution and irregular surfaces are important themes of his work. His creations expose chaotic nature of the contemporary home environments. These ceramics expand like an organism, seeking new meanings and balance in our everyday life.

Francesco Ardini - blue vase Francesco Ardini - green vase Francesco Ardini - white ceramics Francesco Ardini - vases Francesco Ardini - little bowl Francesco Ardini - knots yellow vase Francesco Ardini - knots blue vase

One thought on “Francesco Ardini – Chaotic Ceramics

  1. Where can I ask for prices of works by Francesco Ardini ceramics ? With which galleries is he
    working please ? Regards A.Kleinberger

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