Ignasi Monreal – Gaudy Fashion Illustrations

Ignasi Monreal - Valentino

Ignasi Monreal is a fashion illustrator and graphic designer born in 1990 in Barcelona, Spain. After four years of studying Comics and Illustration at Escola Joso he moved to Madrid and graduated from Fashion Creative Direction at Instituto Europeo di Design. His artwork is realistic with a twist of comic style and sometimes a touch of fantasy.  What inspires him most are movies, fashion photography and random images he finds while surfing the Internet. The startling combination of an ecosystem and haute couture adds vitality to these outfits. In most of Ignasi’s illustrations, models stare at you, challenging your gaze, but sometimes their faces are enigmatically obscured.

Ignasi Monreal - black and white Ignasi Monreal - fashion illustration Ignasi Monreal - Givenchy Ignasi Monreal - Jean Paul Gaultier Ignasi Monreal - Margiela Ignasi Monreal - snake hair Ignasi Monreal - yellow flowers


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