Joanna Kustra – Subtle Intensity

Joanna Kustra - a yellow portrait

Joanna Kustra is a self-taught photographer born in 1984 in south-eastern Poland. She got fascinated by photography at the age of 22 and developed her artistic skills very quickly. Joanna specializes in fashion, beauty and portrait photography. She flawlessly captures human expressions and characteristics which are revealed in a unique, painterly style. Light and subject are two most important things for her as a photographer – The perfect lighting is essential as it creates the desired mood. “I would like to think that my photography is simply like painting with light. Probably that is why my inspiration comes mostly from paintings,” she says. Joanna’s photographs are always delicate, vivid and strong at the same time.

Joanna Kustra - blue Joanna Kustra - dress Joanna Kustra - ginger Joanna Kustra - green makeup Joanna Kustra - ice cream colours Joanna Kustra - misty dreams Joanna Kustra - pure beauty Joanna Kustra - wedding Joanna Kustra - white hair

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