Michael Anastassiades – Exquisite Forms and Lights

Michael Anastassiades - a waning gibbous

Michael Anastassiades is a Cyprus-born, London-based designer, who is swiftly becoming a major figure on the international design scene. His works contain the elements of design, sculpture and applied arts. Anastassiades develops new objects for the interiors, which are truthfully exquisite and thought-provoking.  His workshops are often selected for their unique manufacturing skills and tradition in the use of materials. All the products are handmade – the stone work is hand carved and the glass work is free blow, which makes Michael’s work exceptional and valued.

Michael Anastassiades - ball vase

Michael Anastassiades - lit lines

Michael Anastassiades - mirror

Michael Anastassiades - tree in the moonlight

Michael Anastassiades - waxing gibbous


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