Simón Pais-Thomas: Beauty Shots

Simon Pais Photography 1
makeup: Vero Monaco

 Simón Pais-Thomas was born in January 24th 1987 in Antofagasta, Chile. At the age of 12 Simón learned about anime and started doing some cartoons. He was almost 16 when he first started using digital camera to do portraits. Simón was known because of the sensitive and introspective style of self-portraits. He started to get really popular in the circle of photographers, designers, advertising, musicians, theatre, actors and even some film directors and started working for them.

These portraits clearly reveal Simon’s skills. Colours, makeup, models and interesting faces expose his ability to capture the attractiveness of makeup and style in a natural way.   “I believe in impossible things to happen. That’s who I am… that’s what I do for living: making real the things I dream and see inside my eyes. That’s where my work is born, and my work is my evolution as a photographer.”

Simon Pais Photography 2
makeup: Maria Paz Urra
Simon Pais Photography 3
makeup: Vero Monaco
Simon Pais Photography 4
makeup: Vero Monaco
Simon Pais Photography 5
makeup: Vero Monaco
Simon Pais Photography 6
makeup: Vero Monaco

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