Tabby Casto – Strong and Alive Beauty

Tabby Casto - a beauty shot

Tabby Casto is a professional freelance makeup artist based in London. She has established herself as fresh young creative in the UK with over seven years of experience in the industry. When Tabby realized that makeup could actually be a career she started to assist local artists that inspired her while working part time counter jobs on the side. This gave her the kind of hands on experience that one just can’t get from a course. So she learnt from assisting other artists and her own mistakes. She remembers it was like “slowly and then suddenly” being thrown into the makeup world. Tabby’s work is divine full of joy and life. She loves a bit of color and she is never afraid of pigment. Mixing textures together and creating new shades is her favorite procedure. She also enjoys creating glow skin – sometimes a natural makeup look can require more effort than a stronger makeup look and she perfectly manipulates products to trick the eye into thinking there is not much on the skin.

Tabby Casto - asian look Tabby Casto - blue eyeshadows Tabby Casto - blue lipstick Tabby Casto - dark lips makeup Tabby Casto - happy colors Tabby Casto - housewife makeup Tabby Casto - liner makeup Tabby Casto - makeup artist Tabby Casto - makeup

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