Zack Mclaughlin – Paper & Wood Sculpturs

Zack Mclaughlin - handmade_clay__paper_and_wire_magpie

Zack Mclaughlin is a sculptor and illustrator from London.  He studied Illustration at the University of Westminster and have Illustrated for children’s books ever since. Zack makes realistic sculptures of birds from paper and wood. (via lustik)

Zack Mclaughlin - ruby_throated_hummingbird_sculpture Zack Mclaughlin - bird-new Zack Mclaughlin - paper_hummingbird Zack Mclaughlin - paper_and_wood_great_tit_sculpture Zack Mclaughlin - paper_and_wood_great_tit Zack Mclaughlin - handmade_paper_and_wood_goldfinch

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