Agate Paintings by Paul Juno

Paul Juno - Agate Painting6

Paul Juno is a multi-media artist based in Los Angeles. All of the abstracted color paintings are created using three main tools: a palate knife, oil paint, and time. The action of the painting can be quick and aggressive, but the time it takes to let gravity finish the job is where these paintings truly shine. Their brightened contrasts, minimalistic strokes, and elegant compositional balance, truly allow these paintings to blend into any contemporary home. No figure, statement, or message is forced upon the viewer; instead all that remains is color and contrast.

Paul Juno - Agate Painting Paul Juno - Agate Painting9 Paul Juno - Agate Painting2 Paul Juno - Agate Painting8 Paul Juno - Agate Painting3 Paul Juno - Agate Painting7 Paul Juno - Agate Painting4 Paul Juno - Agate Painting5 Paul Juno - Agate Painting10

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