Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson - green grass

Erik Johansson is a Swedish photographer and retoucher currently¬†based in Berlin, Germany. He doesn’t capture moments, he captures ideas. To Erik photography is just a way to collect material to realize the ideas in his mind with a problem solving approach. Although one photo can consist of hundreds of different images he always wants it to look like it could have been captured. Every new project is a new challenge and the goal is to realize it as¬†realistically as possible. There is no CGI or stock photos in Erik’s work, just complex¬†combinations of his own photographs. (via petapixel)

Erik Johansson - untitled Erik Johansson - books Erik Johansson - rowboats Erik Johansson - Room Goat Erik Johansson - Road Erik Johansson - Photo Manipulation Erik Johansson - chrome Erik Johansson - bottle Erik Johansson - House illusion

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