Albena Vatcheva: Harmony in Colours

Albena Vatcheva Art 1

Albena Vatcheva is a painter born in 1967 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Her paintings represent the mysticism of people who try to rediscover the joy of life, their origin, traditions and ancestors. Albena’s inspiration comes from Art Nouveau, fairy tales, Greek and Arabian mythologies. She blends the elements of Egyptian, Indian and African cultures. Her glowing colours create a magic world. These characters live in a world of peace, harmony and mutual consolation. The ease and the elegance Albena has acquired allow her to express a wide range of feelings. Currently, Albena lives and works in Rouen, France.

Albena Vatcheva Art 3

Albena Vatcheva Art 4

Albena Vatcheva Art 5

Albena Vatcheva Art 6

Albena Vatcheva Art 7

Albena Vatcheva Art 8

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