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Amy Cooper Ceramics - art

Amy Cooper is a Cornwall based designer and maker of unique porcelain lighting. She studied ceramics and sculpture as a mature student at the University of Wolverhampton. After graduating with first class honors in 2002, she set up her studio in Brighton, where she was particularly inspired by the dramatic Sussex coastline. She founded Amy Cooper Ceramics in 2003 with the support of the Princes Trust and is now based in Cornwall. Gathering visual information from the precious things the sea offers up to us, Amy is intrigued by the endless variations in nature and the idea of an ongoing evolutionary process. Her porcelain range includes table lamps, wall lights and tea-light holders. She seeks to create imagery that delights as well as unsettles a little, which suggests tales, secrets and a darker story as well as familiarity.

Amy Cooper Ceramics - egg lamp Amy Cooper Ceramics - Fat Pollen Amy Cooper Ceramics - floral light Amy Cooper Ceramics - floral Amy Cooper Ceramics - kimberlight and urchin Amy Cooper Ceramics - lamp Amy Cooper Ceramics - lightin design Amy Cooper Ceramics - three

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  1. Do you make a ceiling fixture for over-dining-table use that can work with a dimmer in my Fort Lauderdale Florida apartment? Your smaller table lamps were shown in today’s (July19th) Wall Street Journal, page D8. Thank you.

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