Paul Louise-Julie – Dreamy Sculptural Paintings

Paul Louise-Julie - a sleeping beauty

Paul Louise-Julie is a French-American painter and sculptor working exclusively in paper, cardboard and acrylic. Using both traditional and modern techniques, he gives his pieces a gestural and naturalistic effect. Paul places pieces of cardboard and paper in the same geometric harmony characteristic of West African sculpture as well as its hieratic scale. Also, he is strongly influences by European masters such as Klimt, Monet, Rodin, and Eric Joisel. The artist is best known for his 3D paintings. He produces these by placing pieces of paper sculpture onto a canvas, and then adds color and lighting with acrylic paint, thus creating a sense of depth that seamlessly bridges painted illusion with dimensional reality. There is always an interesting story behind Paul’s pieces. In the first picture, the core concept was to explore the illusion of depth while convincing the eye that it is looking at the surface of the water from the bottom. Using many of the techniques developed from “Midsummer”, this piece also employs origami fish as well as paper sculpture. Combined with Trompe l’oeuil methods in vibrant acrylic paint, the end result is revolutionary exploration of depth in the genre of painting. Another work is called “Contemplation” – like the name suggests, this piece explores the relationship between deep thought and personal identity. The tranquility that comes from retreating to the solitary waterfalls of inner contemplation. Smooth, polished surface of the waterfalls also show the parallel facades of the subconscious.

Paul Louise-Julie - contemplation Paul Louise-Julie - fleeting thoughts Paul Louise-Julie - headless horses Paul Louise-Julie - king of the woods detail Paul Louise-Julie - king of the woods Paul Louise-Julie - midsummer detail Paul Louise-Julie - midsummer Paul Louise-Julie - pollination

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