Armén Rotch: Drink Tea and Make Art

Armén Rotch - teabags

Armén Rotch is the author of these stunning color gradations made of teabags. The idea is just brilliant. The smell of teabags might also be very pleasant for the viewers in the museum. He started in Armenia, where his first canvases were exhibited in 1978 (then under the name of Armén Hadjian) with the “Carré noir” group.

Armén Rotch’s huge tea bag collages are formed using bags that have been left to steep for different amounts of time – a process that builds layers of tonal variation within the installation pieces. It is no longer just a question of the tea that we drink, that we taste and that we smell, but of intimately organized spaces that balance each other, of colors formed by and for the other senses.

Armén Rotch museum

Armén Rotch - teabag gradation

Armén Rotch - wall of teabags

Armén Rotch - tea

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