Barna Nemethi – Crina Unchained

Barna Nemethi - a portrait

Barna Nemethi is a 27-year-old film director, write, graphic designer and photographer residing in Bucharest, Romania. He is also an owner of the creative shop Griffon & Swans, co-founder of the All Hollow project and editor-in-chief of All Hollow Magazine. Here is one of his stunning fashion photography series, titled Crina Unchained. The portraits are very mysterious and striking, enriched with tribal grace and wild elements.

Barna Nemethi - black and white Barna Nemethi - black tribal style Barna Nemethi - dreamcatcher Barna Nemethi - fashion tribal Barna Nemethi - portrait tribal Barna Nemethi - tribal grace Barna Nemethi - tribal look

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