Calvin Nicholls – Incredibly Detailed 3D Paper Sculptures

Calvin Nicholls - a bear

Calvin Nicholls is a Canadian artist, creating stunning paper sculptures. He has been creating his paper sculptures since 1986 and is now a master of the art. The artist finds his inspiration while enjoying a hike or while drifting along in a kayak or canoe. He gets great satisfaction from capturing those images in paper, creating incredibly detailed 3D pictures inspired by the plants and animals of the Canadian woodland. Working with sheets of paper and a scalpel, he cuts the component pieces to fit the final drawing and assembles the low relief artwork under studio lighting. When the sculpture is complete the lighting is adjusted to bring out the subtle form and texture. A large format camera is used to capture the detail on 8×10 film prior to scanning for print applications or art prints.

Calvin Nicholls - bear Calvin Nicholls - chameleon Calvin Nicholls - eagle Calvin Nicholls - hedgehog Calvin Nicholls - koi fish Calvin Nicholls - owl Calvin Nicholls - paper sculptures Calvin Nicholls - wolf

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