Bertjan Pot – Handcrafted Rope Masks

Bertjan Pot - a mask

Bertjan Pot is a designer born in 1975 in Nieuwleusen, The Netherlands.  He graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 1988.  In 2003, Pot started designing under the name Studio Bertjan Pot, which he continues to use, working alongside Vladi Rapaport and Marjolein Fase. These stunning masks started out as a material experiment. Bertjan wanted to find out if he could make a large flat carpet by stitching a rope together. However the samples got curvy, instead of flat. When he was about to give up on the carpet, Vladi Rapaport came up with the idea of shaping the rope into masks. So he started using all sorts of ropes, combining colors and creating innovative textures. Each mask has its own color palette and style – some are more human, some are more animal, and some are very abstract. Masks, when performing their function of concealing the face, have both fetishistic and frightening connotations. The subversive edge is softened by the bright colors and scrupulously handcrafted details.  Bertjan Pot - dark mask Bertjan Pot - mask design Bertjan Pot - mask front Bertjan Pot - rope art Bertjan Pot - rope mask art Bertjan Pot - rope mask Bertjan Pot - weird mask design                                                               

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