Caitlin Hackett – Transformation

Caitlin Hackett - an eye

New-York based artist Caitlin Hackett creates truly exceptional and whimsical illustrations of exquisitely peculiar creatures. As a child she was very interested in animals’ physiology, bone structure, psychology and invented different animal species in her drawings. She has always been influenced by nature and animals. Using ink, watercolours, ballpoint pen, and pencil on paper she explores the changing relationship between the natural world and humans, and specifically the way in which humans warp animals and nature to fit their own needs through personification and actual physical transformation. Caitlin has managed to create a world where nature, humans and animals connect to each other in a colourful yet curiously surreal way. Her creatures drift between the possible and impossible, beautiful and frightening. They possess wings and fins as well as beaks and hands. However, what truly makes Hackett’s work unique is that it goes beyond pure beauty and displays our relationship with the natural world and its inhabitants.

Caitlin Hackett - white Caitlin Hackett - two-headed Caitlin Hackett - two-headed cat Caitlin Hackett - rabbit Caitlin Hackett - heart out Caitlin Hackett - fox lady Caitlin Hackett - cats Caitlin Hackett - bloom Caitlin Hackett - beautiful

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