Carlie Trosclair: Human Body and Built Environments

Carlie Trosclair Installation 1

Carlie Trosclair is an installation artist from New Orleans. She received her BFA from Loyola University in 2008, earned an MFA from Washington University in 2010 and currently is a Community Arts Training Institute Fellow with the Regional Arts Commission.  Carlie uses washed out tones,  curvilinear geometry, draping fabric and textured transparency for creating sculptural installations and environments.  Through the re-creation of existing spaces, her work aims to bridge the gap between the human body and the built environments which are so accepting that we may pass through them without particular notice or feeling of connectivity. “My installations explore our body’s relationship to the spaces we inhabit and encounter. By presenting new altered realities, I aim to engineer an experience focused on the visceral and sensorial elements of embodied perception,” says Carlie.

Carlie Trosclair Installation 2

Carlie Trosclair Installation 3

Carlie Trosclair Installation 4

Carlie Trosclair Installation 5

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