Claire Huish – Romantic and Feminine

Claire Huish - a ballerina

Intelligent, original and innovative – these are the main characteristics of Claire Huish’s fashion images. Claire is a freelance photographer born in Oxford, England. She started taking pictures because she could not do textiles at school – she thought she wanted to be a fashion designer, and she stumbled upon photography quite accidentally, starting by taking pictures on her mobile and on compact cameras. The young artist found out that fashion photography just overcame everything else. Now Claire shoots digital, but she hopes to experiment more with film. She generally shoots on location and always with natural light. The result is truly distinctive for its romantic, feminine and dreamlike qualities.

Claire Huish - beauty shot Claire Huish - beauty Claire Huish - dark colors Claire Huish - feather dress Claire Huish - floral blonde Claire Huish - floral dress Claire Huish - mask Claire Huish - redhead blue Claire Huish -

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