Gemis Luciani – Strong Minimalist Aesthetics

Gemis Luciani - a geometric shapes

An Italian artist Gemis Luciani manipulates, reassembles and decomposes common objects such as flyers, phone books and design magazines, configuring them in newly built surface, shapes and exquisite compositions. Using the weighty volumes he constructs the sculptural pieces that experiment with the potential morphological forms of a book. Cutting and shaping them into geometrically puzzling, aesthetically pleasing works, he explores the abstract elements of visual depiction. Luciani’s large scale installations and collages are scrupulously created, revealing a strong minimalist aesthetic.

Gemis Luciani - blue composition Gemis Luciani - bright colors Gemis Luciani - color green composition Gemis Luciani - construction Gemis Luciani - dark lines Gemis Luciani - geometric shaping Gemis Luciani - marginal composition Gemis Luciani - marginal composition1 Gemis Luciani -

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