Daniel Danger – Great Beauty of Silence

Daniel Danger - a ghost

What are these giant faceless creatures and ghosts doing in this world? They inspect the remains of great, gothic houses, abandoned places, highway graveyards and carnivals fallen into chaos. Why are these wolves guarding the house or what are these floating ephemeral figures? Do these girls still have hope for something? There are a lot of unexplained things in Daniel Danger’s illustrations. He is a young talented artist and printmaker based in New England. Inspiration comes from his own memories and the time that is too far away to remember clearly, but not so old to forget about it completely. The monochromatic approach gives the work a strong graphic sensibility and spooky atmosphere. That makes him different and truthfully unique artist. He creates simply breath-taking world of glorious darkness and menace, full of isolation, unanswered questions, urban decay, silence and great beauty.

Daniel Danger - big Daniel Danger - deer Daniel Danger - forest shadow Daniel Danger - high Daniel Danger - house Daniel Danger - in the forest Daniel Danger - the moon Daniel Danger - windows Daniel Danger - wolves


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