David Ogle – Blue Installations

David Ogle - a blue installation

David Ogle is an installation artist from Lancaster, United Kingdom. He creates distinctively ephemeral work, using light as a sculptural medium. The installation begins as a set of strict mathematical procedures. Then the space shapes the work and becomes manipulated by it. David’s installation works almost always begin as a drawing on paper, which is then constructed within the space, retelling the structure of the drawing across the environment. So the viewer can physically experience the world David Ogle creates. Illusion seems to be an essential element of his work. Light seems to emerge cardboard boxes or pierce through the walls. He uses blue in these installation pieces, which has been influenced by some of Yves Klein’s writing. Klein wrote that in nature, blue represents something that is the most abstract, hinting at the sea and the sky.

David Ogle - blue beams David Ogle - blue lighting strings David Ogle - ceiling installation David Ogle - closeup David Ogle - cube light David Ogle - geometric lights David Ogle - installation David Ogle - light strings David Ogle - lighting David Ogle - linear uv drawing David Ogle - out of box


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