Eno Henze – Searching for the Absolute

Eno Henze - a wall decor

Eno Henze is an artist, scenographer and designer born in 1978 in Frankfurt, Germany. He creates amazing large-scale abstract drawings. A characteristic property of his work is “the search for the absolute.” Eno uses philosophical and scientific concepts as a starting point for an aesthetic research. The artist wants to understand how our world works. He says that there is a subjective micro-universe in every one of us that defies scientific description. And scientific language becomes very philosophical when looking at the largest, the smallest or the oldest parts of our universe. So he uses philosophical concepts or ideas and gives them a visible shape.

Eno Henze - blues Eno Henze - exhibition Eno Henze - green and blue Eno Henze - human Eno Henze - maxalot green ambush Eno Henze - purples Eno Henze - red human Eno Henze - small red ambush Eno Henze - the black Eno Henze - the human wall decor Eno Henze - the sun colours


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