David Tragen – Furniture that Straddles the Boundary of Art and Design

David Tragen - a sidewinder

David Tragen is a self-taught furniture designer and maker from Chorlton, producing everything from mirrors to coffee tables, wardrobes, dining tables and chairs. His striking designs are inspired by nature, architecture and sculpture. David has already produced a Beating Wings coffee table, a contemporary design using more than 100 components to create 50 layers. The idea was inspired by the beating of a dragonfly’s wings and the shape comes from breaking down the phases of motion during the wing cycle. Every detail in this work creates a sense of movement. Another piece, Sidewinder coffee table, was inspired by the flowing, undulating movement of a sidewinder snake, which fuses geometry and patterns in nature. Obviously, there is always a harmonious mixture of art and design in his stunning works.

David Tragen - Beating wings table David Tragen - le chic light David Tragen - onda David Tragen - pagoda table David Tragen - shelf David Tragen - sidewinder low David Tragen - sidewinderdavidtragen.co.uk

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