Ashley Bram-Johnson – Glass Terrariums for All Kinds of Plants

ABJ Glassworks - art

Ashley Bram-Johnson (ABJ Glassworks) is an artist born in rural Pennsylvania. She graduated from the University of Delaware with degrees in Art History and Anthropology. After 4 years living in London and managing a door knob shop on Portobello Road Ashley moved back to Pennsylvania where she got absorbed in the process of stained glass sculpture. For her, art has always had a three-dimensional, tactile element. By working in three-dimensions she creates glass pieces that seem to constantly change, affected by the natural light in a room and the change of the seasons. Ashley created these stunning stained glass terrariums different in shapes and sizes. For example, the “Earth” terrarium is based on a cube, and sits on a flattened point. The front square is left open so you and your plants can get inside. The cube shape is great for cacti and plants that like dry environments. There is also a teardrop terrarium that has two openings. Such shape allows you to hang it up from the top ring. This style is great for succulents and air plants. Some of teardrop terrariums are entirely enclosed with a hinged door to get inside. They are great for moss or any humidity loving plants.

ABJ Glassworks - beautiful work ABJ Glassworks - cube terrarium ABJ Glassworks - hanging terrarium ABJ Glassworks - magus tear terrarium ABJ Glassworks - planter ABJ Glassworks - tear terrarium ABJ Glassworks - terrarium ABJ Glassworks - terrariums ABJ Glassworks - tiny terrarium

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