Diana Santisteban’s Beauty Shots

Diana Santisteban - a beaded black dress

Diana Santisteban is a professional fashion photographer from Miami, Florida. She has been practicing traditional art since she was about ten years old. Then she moved on to digital art – at around thirteen she began experimenting with web designing and Photoshop. In 2009 she started doing more artistic and conceptual photos.  Diana gradually got into fashion and has been doing it professionally for about two years. She wanted to attend school for writing and minor on photography but ended up quitting before she finished. “I do think learning the technical aspects of photography is necessary but concentrating only on that would only make me lose my interest and creativity,” she says. Diana loves experimenting with different film cameras, but the Black Slim Devil is her favorite as it gives imagery a hazy washed-out look. She fell in love with Lillian Bassman’s classy work, which is the right touch of edginess and femininity that Diana tries to bring into her photography.

Diana Santisteban - black dress closeup Diana Santisteban - black dress Diana Santisteban - crochet jacket Diana Santisteban - dress Diana Santisteban - floral Diana Santisteban - long blue dress Diana Santisteban - makeup and pink hair Diana Santisteban - pink dress Diana Santisteban - striped dress Diana Santisteban - white dress


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