Beth Hoeckel – Reminiscent Stories of Nature

Beth Hoeckel - a look

Beth Hoeckel is a mixed-media artist born in 1979 in Baltimore, Maryland. She studied painting, photography and printmaking at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Currently she is a full-time artist creating beautiful collages and mixed media paintings. These collages are very precise, realistic and narrative. In her work people are often facing the most powerful forces of nature in which she truly finds much of her inspiration. She thinks that it is one of the only things that can make us stop, stare and experience awe. Her favourite mediums are liquid acrylics, Indian ink, gouache and collage. Beth has wildly ridiculous imagination – by combining vintage found image and surreal scenery, she creates reminiscent stories that lure the viewer in.

Beth Hoeckel - beads

Beth Hoeckel - children on the boat Beth Hoeckel - daydream Beth Hoeckel - family Beth Hoeckel - flowers Beth Hoeckel - looking for sweets Beth Hoeckel - over the moon Beth Hoeckel - volcano

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