Dvein – The Vein “Magma”

Dvein - The Vein Magma - blue yellow green

Dvein (Design-video-&-interaction) is a Barcelona-based design studio founded by Teo Guillem, Fernando Dominguez and Carlos Pardo. Fernando Dominguez and Teo Guillem met each other while studying design in school. Their early projects included flyers for trendy discos. After improving their software techniques and design knowledge they were able to realize the images they had in their minds. In 2007, they founded the company with Carlos Pardo. Dvein believes in organic growth while specializing in art direction, animation, and interactive design. They do not want to lock themselves in a world where everything is created by a computer. They try to shoot more and create less artificial worlds. Recently Dvein has created an intriguing music video “Magma” for the new single by The Vein. The video exposes an abstract geological terrain filled with swirling floods of color and smoothly embedded facial landscapes.

Dvein - The Vein Magma - colorful Dvein - The Vein Magma - cry Dvein - The Vein Magma - difuse Dvein - The Vein Magma - eyes Dvein - The Vein Magma - faces Dvein - The Vein Magma - mouth Dvein - The Vein Magma - paint



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