Eloy Morales – Hyper Realistic Self-portraits

Eloy Morales - art

Eloy Morales is a remarkable painter based out of Madrid, specialising in large oil on panel portraiture. He had his first show at the age of 15, and has been focused on creating ever since. His works are distinctively hyper realistic and magnificent. Eloy pays attention to details – while observing the process of creating, it appears that he works in tiny pieces with great patience, filling in pigment and blending it as he goes. Morales often paints self-portraits which consist of his visage smeared with various types of mediums and colors. The artist obviously is concentrated on the physical aspects of face, but he also tries to bring out psychological characteristics of the depicted individual.

httpvh://vimeo.com/52323892 Eloy Morales - black and white Eloy Morales - blue face Eloy Morales - colorful Eloy Morales - eloy Eloy Morales - painting process Eloy Morales - self-portrait Eloy Morales - whiteeloymorales.jimdo.com

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