Emma Uber – Pastel Portraits of Women

Emma Uber - a blonde girl

Emma Uber is an artist living and working in Adelaide, Australia. She focuses on oil portrait in vibrant pastel hues. The portraits involve beautifully detailed feminine faces that blend into colourful backgrounds. Emma likes to use a strong colour palette and thick, vibrant strokes, drips and smears of paint, colourful shapes and flowers. There are two kinds of subjects she paints. Some are people she knows, and others are a mixture of different faces and features she has collected over the years. Comics are among her influences: she’s a fan of the comic Modesty Blaise, and appreciates Ash Wood’s “messy technique.” Her love of colors bleeds into her personal life, and she can be found in her off-hours redecorating her mid-70’s Volkswagen Kombi van, or taking it out to camp in the desert.

Emma Uber - dark lips Emma Uber - floral portrait Emma Uber - girl Emma Uber - portrait Emma Uber - red background


One thought on “Emma Uber – Pastel Portraits of Women

  1. I really like the painting of the lady with the turquoise hat and rainfall of flowers. I live in Canada and have not been able to find that print her. Can you tell me how much a poster size print would be. Many thanks

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