Ernesto Neto – Beyond Abstract Minimalism

Ernesto Neto - a macro installation

Ernesto Neto is a contemporary visual artist born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. His installations are often described as “beyond abstract minimalism.” He creates incredible large and soft biomorphic sculptures which are made of white, stretchy materials. They often fill the entire exhibition space. While creating a large work, Ernesto thinks about how to put humanity in it. He was strongly influenced by “Anthropophagia” – an artistic movement that began in Brazil in the 1920’s – to create “Anthropodino”installation. “The whole anthropodino idea considers the human being in a scientific way, not only as an individual or as a part of society.  In society, the human being must be an organ or cell. So this is a cell. The drawing of this piece depicts a cellular structure,” says the artist. The viewers are active participants in Ernesto’s creations – they can touch, poke, and even walk through most of his works.

Ernesto Neto - celula nave Ernesto Neto - celula Ernesto Neto - hanging Ernesto Neto - inside the installation Ernesto Neto - inside Ernesto Neto - installation Ernesto Neto - part of installation Ernesto Neto - pink Ernesto Neto - the garden Ernesto Neto - white Ernesto Neto - wisdom of the parts


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