Ëlodie Nadreau – Expressive Illustrations

Elodie Nadreau - a fashion illustration

Ëlodie Nadreau is a French artist based in Paris. She has been working as a freelance illustrator since 2010, specializing in fashion illustration and portraiture. She is captivated by the latest fashion trends, and she also gets inspiration from her nostalgic childhood. Ëlodie uses several methods to fulfil her work.  She always starts an illustration with a traditional technique, and then enriches it digitally. She regularly experiments with new creative ways to give her characters deep feelings. The artist always focuses on the expression of the glance of all her models. So she has developed her own poetic and realistic style. Nadreau has done a little “work in progress” video to share with us the process of creating these stunning illustrations.


Elodie Nadreau - beautiful girl Elodie Nadreau - Cherokee Elodie Nadreau - Chloe Elodie Nadreau - fashion and makeup Elodie Nadreau - fashion long dress Elodie Nadreau - Mode Outre Elodie Nadreau - Sacha Bag Elodie Nadreau - Spanish Glamour Elodie Nadreau - women fashion


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