Etsuko Ichikawa – Between the Ephemeral and the Eternal

Etsuko Ichikawa - a walk with mist

Etsuko Ichikawa’s stunning work is “a continuing investigation of what lies between the ephemeral and the eternal.” Her Glass Pyrograph drawings are made by molten glass and fire, capturing the immediacy of a moment, while her installations and time-based work are about ever-changing states of mind. 2100°/451° is a short film directed by Alistair Banks Griffin. You can see how Etsuko creates her drawings. The title of the film refers to Ichikawa’s working temperature with molten glass; 2100 degrees Fahrenheit, and the autoignition point of paper; 451 degrees Fahrenheit.


Etsuko Ichikawa - fire art Etsuko Ichikawa - fire drawing Etsuko Ichikawa - firebird Etsuko Ichikawa - fluid moment Etsuko Ichikawa - into the fire Etsuko Ichikawa - trace Etsuko Ichikawa - traces of the molten state

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