Gilead Tadmor’s Papier Mache Creatures

Gilead Tadmor Art 1

Gilead Tadmor, born in Holon, Israel, is from a family of artists. He creates diverting and fascinating papier mache masks and hanging creatures. Each of them has its own story. His subjects include characters from a Gogol play, a “thoughtful fish” and then a “Portrait of a middle-aged man in a T-shirt with an agitated fish”. Tadmor was encouraged to pursue more practical work for his occupation, and eventually ended up in Boston as a post-doctoral fellow. Today, however, the visual arts march hand in hand with his academic research. In his other life, he is a father, a husband and an academic mathematician.

Gilead Tadmor Art 8

Gilead Tadmor Art 7

Gilead Tadmor Art 6

Gilead Tadmor Art 5

Gilead Tadmor Art 4

Gilead Tadmor Art 3

Gilead Tadmor Art 2

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