Hannah Adamszek – Exquisite Tribal Approach

Hannah Adamaszek - a desert haze

Hannah Adamszek is a young artist based out of UK. Her style has been described as “Native American.” She usually paints female portraits, often carrying feathers, Aztec capes, and different tribal things. They are strongly connected to nature and their past. Hannah finds her inspiration mainly in music and her surroundings, injecting them into the process of painting. Her tool box contains inks, acrylics, decorating brushes, spray paint, stencils and plenty of water.  She uses earthy ones and harmonious contours in her street art, offering a calm feminine approach and emotionally-charged feelings to an outside space. Adamszek thinks that urban art is usually sharp, but her works definitely bring a soft female touch into this aggressive world.

Hannah Adamaszek - aztec Hannah Adamaszek - distant winters Hannah Adamaszek - drifting print Hannah Adamaszek - feather Hannah Adamaszek - portrait Hannah Adamaszek - street art Hannah Adamaszek - white bird


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