Heather Knight – Shapes and Patterns of Natural World

Heather Knight - a ceramic sun

Heather Knight is an artist widely recognized for her almost exclusive porcelain works that combine modern aesthetic with patterns, shapes and textures inspired by nature. Heather received her BFA from the University of North Carolina at Asheville in 2006. Later on, she opened the doors to her studio, Element, in 2007 in Asheville, and has focused on her art full-time ever since. The handmade nature of her art is an integral part of her process. She uses zero means of mass production, making each piece truly unique. Apparently, her creations are mostly inspired by nature. One of them is this sea urchin inspired bowl, which is a reminiscent of a seashell. The interior of the bowl is treated with a translucent copper blue glaze. The pooling of the glaze sometimes creates a nebulous cloud of lighter blues and hint of violet in the center and also crackles and crazes.

Heather Knight - art Heather Knight - ball Heather Knight - ceramic art Heather Knight - ceramic bowl Heather Knight - ceramics Heather Knight - clay sculpture Heather Knight - three ceramic bowls


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