Ana Bossa – Lovely Ceramic Creatures

Ana Bossa - a ceramic mouse

Ana Bossa is an artist residing in Lisbon, Portugal. She creates illustrations for children’s books, short animations, and very curious ceramic figures. She also enjoys merging all of these areas and their various techniques and concepts. She draws most of her inspiration from literature and art, or while observing society. Apparently, Ana is a perfect storyteller. All of her creatures have their own stories to tell. They are very unique and thought-provoking. The artist hopes that wherever her ceramic creatures go, they will become part of other stories, people and amazing environments.


Ana Bossa - ceramic art Ana Bossa - ceramic handmades

Ana Bossa - ceramic rat toy Ana Bossa - ceramic toys Ana Bossa - ceramic work Ana Bossa - lovers Ana Bossa - rat Ana Bossa - two

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