Hiatus & Shura – “Lionesque”

Hiatus and Shura 1

Hiatus and Shura are UK artists, both separate bands. When Hiatus & Shura collaborate, the quality is stunning as usual and this is not an exception – chillout music pretty much at its best.  Hiatus has managed to create that amazing relaxing vibe to it and Shura’s vocals are just hauntingly beautiful.  “Lionesque” is the stunning new single from them. Obviously, while listening to this track their elusive nature is intentional. Melancholic, charming and tender are really the only words I’m left with after listening to ‘Lionesque’. And the song called “River” is one of really touching and beautiful tracks by Hiatus & Shura.


 Hiatus and Shura 2

Hiatus and Shura 3



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